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When it comes to websites, having a well designed website can be crucial to your business. Gone are the days when you would just create a simple HTML website template and attach a domain to it. With web 2.0, we have witnessed some websites with outstanding designs. That's why we will look at some of the key web design features that your website should have.
Page Load
This is the most important aspect of any website. Keep in mind, web browsers are very impatient and are not going to wait around as your website takes forever to load. Having a cache plugin can help you increase the load speed of your website.
Website navigation
At one point, people will need to navigate your website. Having navigation buttons is an excellent choice. This navigation is available on each and every page that a reader visits. The navigation is important as it shows the user where they are at that particular moment in your website.
Content for your website
The background does not in any way interrupt the text on your website. The color used on the text is easy to read and is not blurred by the background. The text should also be big enough to read but not too much to avoid mess.
Website Graphic
Your online business is a 'Business'. That's why you are supposed to invest in it. Get appealing and great images that compliment your business and also pleases your visitors. Having too many flashy graphics won't work these days.
Web Design Features
We pride ourself on our methods to develop great websites at small cost
We understand that you want to make money, but if you fill your website with too many ads, it will appear as an advertising center rather than a place where people come to get value. Use the ads well. One or two ads per page is enough

Having a website is exciting. What's more cool is having a website with a great design that won't affect how people use your website. We hope these web design features will help you with your website.
A Brand New Website Delivered In Days
Working with your existing brand we can provide content and images to get your website ranking
Most website design companies in London have skilled team of professional website designers, developers and project managers work as a team and set high professional standards.

This allows them handle every possible area of your project with specialist touch. This also means that they can solve any complex part of website design with utmost ease and are better positioned in this field than web designers from any other cities in the world.
Web Design Rig
Another advantage of hiring a London website design company is that they are capable of delivering the final product in scheduled time period.

If you are looking for your website to be completed in a short period of time or have the patience to wait for a little longer for the final product, London web designers can do a great job in both cases. Working with a London based website company will give you a peace of mind as the company will handle all the stuff for you.
Integrated Website Design Solutions
London website companies are known for working in tight deadlines, meeting the toughest of targets within the stipulated duration.

This is because the companies recruit only skilled and experience professionals who have years of experience behind them and offer integrated website design solutions to their clients.

This means you can choose one company to manage your branding, SEO, PPC, design, social media management, marketing, etc for your website. This ensures constantly high-quality, speedy delivery and excellent value for money for your project.
Web Design Mission
A Web Design Company - Expert In PHP

What Is PHP? Why do you need it?

PHP is a server-side scripting language that can be embedded in HTML. A server-side language is a language where the scripting is executed on the server where your website is hosted. It is called HTML embedded because the PHP files are sent back from the hosting server to the browser as plain HTML.

What Can You do with PHP programming?

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a trendy open source scripting language that is widely used in web design. This scripting language has many stunning features as it allows you to:

- Create your login page
- Create forums on your website
- Design surveys
- Create your picture gallery on your website and a lot more.

Why use PHP for Web Development?

- Open Source: PHP is an open source that you can use at no cost. The benefit of an open source programming is that you can get constant support from the PHP community developers.

- It is compatible with all operating systems, with PHP it can be used on many platforms. It can be executed on many operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OSX and a lot more. It is also compatible with a variety of web servers like Apache, iPlanet etc.

- User-Friendly: Its simple design means that it can be used by newcomers and professionals alike. It is highly flexible and can bring more traffic to your website.
Php Web Design London
Php Logo

Why Choose Us For PHP?

We are a leading PHP development company. We engage a team of professional and qualified programmers with a solid knowledge and expertise in PHP development. There are many benefits when hiring our developers:

- Our developers have a high command of this type of programming and a long expertise in several other disciplines.

- We offer flexible service packages: you can go for our fixed cost plan or you can choose to be billed on an hourly basis.

- We offer reliable, effective and trustworthy web development services. If you are looking for good PHP programming, you have come to the right place!
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